The Nor Debut

I have decided to debut one of the main races that will be featured in Warp World. Their name is the Nor.

The Nor are a pseudo-reptilian race, with no visual distinction between males and females (they discern the sex of other Nor through smell). They are the smallest sentient race, standing at an average of 1m tall. Their skin displays a range of tones from green to blue to purple. They have large eyes with horizontal double pupils which helps them to see in the dark. Their skulls have a double lobed appearance. Norran mouths are wide and thin, filled with sharp dagger like teeth. The Nor also possess two large retractable fangs on their lower jaw. Original used to sever the arteries of larger prey animals. The Nor do not share human limb proportions. Their arms are much longer than their legs. They have four digits on their hands and only two on their feet.

While Nor are spread fairly evenly throughout Ernic-Staal, their “Home-land” is Norrea. Norrea is mainly composed of one vast desert sandwiched between the ocean to the east and a mountain range to the west. To the south is an enormous delta and the land of New Norrea, a country founded by Nor who disagreed with the isolationist policies of the Norrean (Norran when referring to the race and Norrean when referring to Norrea) government. The capitol of Norrea is the Colossus, the largest piece of functional “celestial technology” known in the world, a large bipedal automaton that carries the city on its back.

The Nor’s above average intelligence has given them an upper-hand in comparison to the other races but they are still not advanced enough to reproduce “celestial technology.” This intelligence has also lead to Norran outside of Norrea being pigeon-holed into jobs as inventors, scribes, and the like. Norran warriors are rare outside of Norrea, as the Norran opinion is that the other races are better suited for that kind of work. The typical Norran military role is as an engineer who specializes in the nuanced use of “celestial technology.”

I apologize for the vagueness prevalent throughout this post but a lot of the details are still gestating in my mind.

Here are some Images for your perusal. At the time of posting I was limited to the ones I had created through MS Paint on my laptop. This will be updated soon.

 A 16×16 Sprite of a Nor.

Simple Nor doodles in varying clothes.

Concept for Colossus.

 A 1366×768 Wallpaper (Unedited)

 A 1366×768 Wallpaper (Edited)

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