The Goblin King

A simple doodle made for no other reason than this blog desperately needs a new post.
For anyone who knows me and also reads this blog, let’s face if you don’t know me you aren’t reading this, you will no doubt notice that this is my “natural” style. Which I have heard arguments that I should I simply keep with this and make the bizarre, zany stories that such an art style lends itself to. Considering I’ve yet to do anything outside of the B&M* department there really is not a reason I shouldn’t. Except that action poses are difficult in such a style. Nothing that practice couldn’t handle though, I suppose.
If anybody read this blog I’d ask for your input. Which I guess is what I have just done…
Too many decisions to be made and too much time to spend not making them.

I still do not have my precious コンピュータ in my possession, so this is as fancy as I care to get without a drawing pad and photoshop combination.

Why I Have Not Posted In A While

I have not been posting as often as I would like to. There are two reasons for this frustration and Minecraft. Below is a map of what has been built on a server I am hosting. Lucking I am starting to get bored of it so I may start posting more frequently. Unfortunately I have a job now so I won’t have as much time I used to have to just doodle. On the bright side however I will be making money and class is ending soon. So in short I would say the job will be an improvement to my life over all.