Well it has been way too long since I posted so I may or may not go on a post frenzy soon. I have gotten a lot of drawings done recently.

Well ignoring such variables as those, I have a new character to introduce. And a new story. Ugh. I need to stick to one and flesh it out I know. Eventually I will. I hope. Anyway. Here is a new nameless character.

Phoenix XIII

So this is another rough draft of a character design I made for a story involving rats and the super-future. His name is Phoenix and he is accompanied by two rat cartographers on a mission to map the uncharted lands north of their home.


Forgive the lapse in quality but my iPhone picture is the only version I have. ざねん。

Why I Have Not Posted In A While

I have not been posting as often as I would like to. There are two reasons for this frustration and Minecraft. Below is a map of what has been built on a server I am hosting. Lucking I am starting to get bored of it so I may start posting more frequently. Unfortunately I have a job now so I won’t have as much time I used to have to just doodle. On the bright side however I will be making money and class is ending soon. So in short I would say the job will be an improvement to my life over all.

Grewyd Alexander’s Time of Obnubilated Sentience

Hello Again, I am trying to attach some form of art-work to each post, which is admittedly difficult. Never-the-less here is another post.

This is a rough character design for a story I am going to try to begin writing. I will post anything regarding major steps forward in progress. Now that I have drawn the main character, Grewyd (Grew-id) Alexander, for a sci-fi story I wish to make. I would not suggest holding your breath for this one though because I have gotten much more down on paper only to never to make anything. Hopefully, posting this online will give me a sense of shame for not completing it ever.

*Obnubilate: to cloud over; becloud; obscure.

Threat Level Quizzly Bear

Hello all and Happy Spring!

As you may have noticed the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. Or if you live anywhere close to where I do, Denton, that the weather has now become psychotic. Heralding the rebirth of life the way only Texas can: with rain and tornadoes, lots of tornadoes. Having only lived in Denton since this past August, tornadoes threaten my life in entirely new ways. Without any prior experience my brain cannot accurately gauge the amount of “Panic Juice” to excrete. That being the case I have set the Risk-o-meter to Threat Level Quizzly Bear.


Thanks & Regards
Michael W. Quisenberry
CEO & Overlord

The Maiden Voyage of the Flagship Quizzly Bear

Hello all and welcome to QuisenCorp.Co


Thank you all for some how discovering my online enclave of artistic excess.*  Since this is the first post ever the only thing of note to report is that this now exists. Which, if you have read to this point, should come as no surprise. (Hopefully.) Existential crises aside I do hope you enjoy your stay and I will do my best to supply a steady stream of content worth considering.

*If you are reading this at any point remotely close to 24/4/2011 then chances are you know me personally. Should this be the case please ignore the aforementioned accolades regarding any sort of discovery. To this demographic I would instead like to offer you my whole hearted thanks for your support of my online endeavors.


Thanks & Regards
Michael W. Quisenberry
CEO & Overlord