The Wonderful Elixir that is Coffee

Caffeine has a strange effect on my brain. It always makes me… crazed. I just feel creative and have too much energy. This usually manifests itself in the form of “art” and conversation. Which is an art in its own right. Usually my coffee induced mania gives rise to the strangest of drawings. I wish I could ascribe any sort of meaning or importance to these drawings but that can only be done retroactively. To be completely honest my “natural” style is really just sort of a Rorschach test: I never know what I’m drawing until I’m about a quarter through and realize that squiggles on the paper look kind of like a two headed man or what have you. The funnest part, for me, is refining these squiggles into semi-coherent images while maintaining clean, simplistic lines.

Anywho, here are close ups of those three coffee induced abominations with the best explanation that I can manage.

 A two headed person. One head is a paranoid old man and the other is a blind baby. Also there is some sort of toothed vagina on its back.

 A baby reaching out to some sort of undead creature.

 A goblinesque creature that has torn his mouth open by smiling so much is reaching up for some unseen treasure.


5 thoughts on “The Wonderful Elixir that is Coffee”

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