Taking things the wrong way.

In an increasingly online world it may come as no surprise that my dear friend Alex 大猫人 runs a blog as well (blog.purrdeta.com). In fact Alex runs the very server that hosts my website (Dark DNA). Now that I have gotten the shameless plug section of this blog out of the way I can continue onto the real issue.

Alex posted about his fantabulous adventure into stardom, during which he met the illustrious Ke$ha and LMFAO!

Now this next part needs a little back story to make any kind of sense to you, the lovely audience. I love writing. In fact it is the only thing I consider myself good at. I don’t even consider myself a good artist and here I am with a blog about my art. So when I got four words deep into Alex’s blog I offered up some advice. He took this poorly and grew to be quite upset. You can find it in this note.

This post is simply a retaliation against his unending silliness. Sadly I will not post without some sort of photo. So for your viewing pleasure I am including a picture of his face that does not look like him.


Picture posted with his permission.*