Well it has been way too long since I posted so I may or may not go on a post frenzy soon. I have gotten a lot of drawings done recently.

Well ignoring such variables as those, I have a new character to introduce. And a new story. Ugh. I need to stick to one and flesh it out I know. Eventually I will. I hope. Anyway. Here is a new nameless character.

Phoenix XIII

So this is another rough draft of a character design I made for a story involving rats and the super-future. His name is Phoenix and he is accompanied by two rat cartographers on a mission to map the uncharted lands north of their home.


Forgive the lapse in quality but my iPhone picture is the only version I have. ざねん。

Why I Have Not Posted In A While

I have not been posting as often as I would like to. There are two reasons for this frustration and Minecraft. Below is a map of what has been built on a server I am hosting. Lucking I am starting to get bored of it so I may start posting more frequently. Unfortunately I have a job now so I won’t have as much time I used to have to just doodle. On the bright side however I will be making money and class is ending soon. So in short I would say the job will be an improvement to my life over all.